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Getting Started

Congratulations on your decision to become a cyclist.
We will try to walk you through the steps necessary to build up your knowledge, fitness,
and confidence so you can quickly become fully operational and independent on or off the road.

These are our personal experiences and opinions, it’s not based on scientific research, just
some local bike shop knowledge to pass along from daily questions asked in the Oro Valley Bicycle

First, There is a tune-up coupon!

and for those of you that have bought a bike from us take advantage of
your free service agreement and get outside.
Second, Look at our calendar in our website to find out what
ride suits you and the type of terrain, road or mountain bike.

So your goal is the full El Tour de Tucson loop?

NOW! Is the best time to start your preparation for the El Tour de Tucson.

Welp! Paul states,

“Start riding that distance in a cumulative week and
make one of your rides during that week half the entire distance you have your goal set on.”
(for example: three days will be two 25 mile rides and a 50 mile ride)
Before you know it you will get that endurance up and finish strong.

Stop by any of the shops and find a time to learn flat tire repair so you aren’t left too far
behind and pick up nutrition or hydration options to help keep you on track for the time goals.
Now is a great time to begin getting that near perfect fit so the body can be rested and
strong enough to make that sprint finish.

Lastly go out and have fun…