Demo Time

It’s that time of year to Demo bikes and have a great brand experience Tucson.


March 11 and 12 is the Specialized Demo Days for the all new Ruby and Roubaix models.


March 12 is the Santa Cruz line, 9 am – 3 pm out at Sweetwater trail system

Bikes available on the truck are:
Tallboy 3


NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, $10.00 OFF  TUNE-UP SPECIAL (for month of January)…


Six Steps to Achieve Your Cycling Goals
Whether you want to keep up with a faster group,
finish your first century, or stand at the top of a podium, it all starts with a goal and a plan

When you’re new to cycling, the secret to improvement is simple:
Ride your bike a lot. Then rest, and do it again and again.
If you have friends who ride, join them. Once you’ve gained some experience, you need to pay a little more attention to detail:
Do more group outings, go harder, step out of your comfort zone more often. At some point,
however, you’re going to hit a fitness plateau. It’s easy to be moderately good at something,
but it takes lots of focused work to truly reach your potential.
This is where the goal-setting disconnect begins.

One of the greatest obstacles I’ve seen athletes is the gap between what they claim
they want to achieve and what they’re willing to do to succeed. People come to by all the time with the desire to improve
their performance, but then they’ll skip training rides, make poor nutrition choices, and skimp on sleep.
In other words, their actions are not consistent with their goals.

To take your riding to the next level, every detail matters.
All the catchy motivational quotes in the world mean nothing if you’re not willing to cover the appropriate bases.
Things like coaching, smart training, nutrition, recovery, stress management, and motivation form the foundation of improved
performance. While that all might sound intimidating, to get started you simply need to ask yourself,
What level of success do I want to attain, and how bad do I want it?
Then create a plan to go out and get it, one step (or pedal stroke) at a time.
Here’s how.

Six Steps to Success

1. Identify Your Goal
Then have a heart-to-heart with yourself about how realistic it is, given your ­motivation and life ­situation.

2. Make a Plan
Plot your strategy and identify the intermediate­ steps you’ll cover along the way.
Don’t be shy about seeking guidance from a coach or trusted advisor

3. Tell the World
Make your goal public:­ Write it, tweet it, share it with your family and friends.

4. Track Your Progress
Keep a training journal.
That way, if you’re missing the mark, you’ll have a record to look back on to help you figure out why.
Do an 8- to 10-minute time ­trial every couple of weeks to gauge your improvement.

5. Be Present
If you focus on the process, the positive outcomes will happen.
For example, you might strive to ride hills a certain number of times a week, or log eight hours of sleep a night,
or finish a half century the month before your 100-mile ride.

6. Put in the Effort
Get out there and do the work, or take a rest when your plan calls for a recovery day.
Stick to the plan and success will follow.

Congratulations El Tour de Tucson riders

Paul and Angie would like to congratulate all the participants who rode in the 2016 El Tour de Tucson main events 106, 76, 54, 37 or 28-miles or the 11, 5 and 1/4 mile fun rides.

“We would like to extend a heart warming Thank You for your years of patronage and support of our locally owned and operated bicycle shops, without you Oro Valley Bicycle would not be the success that we are today.”

The staff members from each of the three stores Thank You too.

Recent Acquisition for your cycling options

Have you all heard that Oro Valley Bicycle is now a proud dealer for NORCO bicycles?

Come by for a test ride and Explore another brand for your cycling options.

Bert Lewis founded Norco Bicycles in 1964 with a simple vision: build better bikes. From our humble beginnings operating out of a converted chicken coop in small-town B.C., we’ve grown into a global brand delivering more than 125 different models to cyclists worldwide. We are proud of the role we’ve played in helping to shape the industry and the sport over the past five decades… read more at